“Silence enables us to listen afresh and welcome new sound sensations. It frees our mind, allowing space for inspiration. After silence, music comes with a delicate power that makes us appreciate the importance of silence.”

Oleg Fateev’s new CD – “After Silence” (his first CD “Dreams” was released in 2009) – comes out with the power of silence transformed into music that explodes into a musical journey, from folk to jazz, tango, classical, balkan and brazilian style, while the artist’s voice remains distinct.

The live recording, largely performed in a small church near Nijmegen (other locations include São Paulo, Tilburg and Den Bosch) is every bit as sparkling as the actual musical experience, with guest musicians providing a wide variety of interactions between strings, winds and percussion and the vocals accompanied by the bayan – a challenge in itself which Oleg meets with effortless command. His compositions are rich in dynamic and detail and sang with profound emotion, addressing the very essence of life – a spiritual state that connects you with yourself and your own sound and silence.

Lonely accordion
Dobri den Romale
The road
Weary sun - Black eyes
After silence

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